technischesLok Yiu Wing Chun is very simple and direct. The main challenge for the students of Wing Chun is to think in a simple way. In a fight or in a fighting exercise like Go Sau the student needs to find the most simple and direct solution for a complex problem.

This means to coordinate the complex structure of the human body according to space and time restrictions, which is not too easy. Lok Yiu Wing Chun offers such easy solutions that the practitioner is fascinated again and again.

Besides the technical aspects Lok Yiu Wing Chun provides a way for the practitioners to realize and to develop their physical and mental potential. Of course this is a lifelong process,  the practitioner can improve more and more, but there is no perfection.

Lok Yiu Wing Chun shows very effective ways to use the abilities of the human body. E.g. the punch is as direct, fast and effective as possible and uses the mechanical structure of the human body optimally. The same holds for all the other movements.


lokyiu kwong training 02Grant Master Yip Man’s Wing Chun system consists of three forms without weapons (Siu Lim Tau, Chum Kiu und Biu Tze), one form on the wooden dummy and the two forms with the weapons long pole and butterfly Knifes. The first form Siu Lim Tau (Pictures) is the foundation of the Wing Chun system.

It teaches the basic skills and techniques. The student learns to move and coordinate his body in a relaxed way and to perform precise movements on the beginner level. The stance and the stability of the body are trained. The Siu Lim Tau exercise in combination with the steps and the basic partner exercises like Chi Sau (pressing hands) enable the student to defend himself after a relative short period of time. This is mainly due to the simple and straight structure of the movements. The second form builds on the first form and extends the options of the practitioner. There is more focus on the correct distance.

lokyiu sang training 01Chum Kiu and the corresponding exercises teach the kicks and the kick defenses. Steps and stability improve and the coordination of steps, turns and hands is trained intensively in order to reach a perfect coordination of body and hands. The movements of the whole body gain stability.

In the third form, Biu Tze, movements are integrated that were previously exercised separately.  It also shows ways to handle critical situations by changing disadvantages to advantages. Another goal is to concentrate the energy of the trained body to one point using the shortest way.

On the wooden dummy the Wing Chun practitioner can exercise the art with a perfect partner. The wooden dummy makes no mistakes and the practitioner can sense each of his own mistakes directly. In the wooden dummy form, the three unarmed forms are concluded.


The wooden dummy

lokyiu on wooden dummy holzpuppe grossThis form is a well structured conclusion of the three forms (Siu Lim Tau, Chum Kiu und Biu Tze). The wooden dummy form teaches several kicks and their usage. The steps from Chu Kiu and Biu Tze and the turns from Sat San Cheu are coordinated with the body in the correct ankles.

It is also very important to focus the power on one point (Dim). By „power“ we do not mean muscle power, but inner power which is generated by stability and coordination. It is very important to exercise in the right (slow) tempo. Fast movements that cannot be controlled are useless.


The weapons forms of Wing Chun

cont lok yiu kwong langstock 02The weapons forms were brought into Wing Chun from masters of other Kung Fu styles. Probably, they were adapted according to the principles of Wing Chun. Wong Wah Bo tought Wing Chun to Leung Yee Tei and received the Six and A Half Point Pole in return.

In the first place, the weapons forms explain how to handle a long both handed weapon and two short single handed weapons. Those who mastered the long pole can use any similar object as a weapon because they learned and understood the underlying principles. In addition the exercise with the weapons brings the previously acquired skills to perfections. E.g. the student develops even more stability in the stance and in the body.

For Lok Yiu Wing Chun a solid basis is most important. The first form Siu Lim Tau is the basis of the system and by repeating the basis exercises over and over again, the student lays the foundation for the advanced skills. The necessary foundations are stability in the hips, coordination of the different parts of the body, flexibility and stability of all joints (especially the hands and shoulders) etc.

Like all other traditional arts, Wing Chun requires a solid basic training program to prepare the body of the student for the advanced exercises. The advanced movements are not easy to learn but quite simple and direct in its function. Students who neglect the work on their foundation build on sand: the advanced movements will not work for them.

sang_doppelmesserLok Yiu Wing Chun is not based on techniques but on principles. The student learns to move quick and powerful without too much muscle tension. The system offers a great variety of applications. For every situation there is not only one reaction but any reaction the practitioner considers appropriate.

The logical structure of the Lok Yiu Wing Chun system leads to a simple and direct martial art. The practitioner can discover and achieve his or her personal potential up to an old age