Willhelm BlechAt the age of 26 I first heard of Wing Chun. In this time I never thought that this martial art would be the passion of my life. Nevertheless, Wing Chun ruled my life since then. A little later I read a book containing a photo of Master Lok Yiu and an article in a Karate magazine about a journey to Hong Kong and a visit to this Wing Chun master.

I thought: “If only one man really mastered Wing Chun, then it is him.”
“Being instructed by this master – a dream”
In 1992 – after many disappointments in Wing Chun – this dream came true. It became more then I would have ever imagined in my wildest Kung Fu dreams.
This master (Lok Yiu Fun) accepted me, the Gwai Lo as To-Dai. During my whole life I will never forget this honor!

About SI-FU Willhelm Blech

lokyiu on wooden dummy holzpuppeSi-Fu Blech was born in 1952 and started to practice the martial arts at the age of 16. He studied western boxing and wrestling before he came to Wing Chun. He spent over 15 years to learn from different Wing Chun teachers in Europe. In this time he learned all about the Wing Chun that was taught outside of Hong Kong, and he was disappointed of both, the teachers and the art. Finally, in 1992, he decided to clarify the inconsistencies he noticed over the years. He wanted to get to the roots of Wing Chun as close as possible. In August 1992, accompanied by his three eldest To-Dais, he travelled to Hong Kong to visit Master Lok Yiu, who was the eldest living To-Dai of Grandmaster Yip Man.

After some days he managed to arrange a meeting with Master Lok. They had a long conversation and at the end Master Lok asked the Germans to demonstrate their Wing Chun.

Si-Fu Wilhelm Blech asked Master Lok Yiu to accept him as his To-Dai. He replied he had to discuss this matter with his sons. After he received the acceptance from Master Lok, Si-Fu Blech went to Hong Kong again in October 1992 and he became the first (and the only) non-Chinese student of Master Lok Yiu. According to Chinese traditions they sealed their relationship with a tea ceremony (pictures).

Si-fu Blech started his education by Master Lok Yiu and his both sons Si-Hing Kwong and Sang from the beginning. He started with the Siu Lim Tau, the first form of the Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen. And step by step he continued his education. It lasted for 14 Years from 1992 to 2006. Two times a year he spent 6 to 8 weeks with his family Lok in Hong Kong. The longest stay lasted for 80 days.

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laoTseIn these times he trained 6 hours a day and 6 days a week. He did his exercises and received instructions and corrections in the traditional way (just like Master Lok Yiu learned Wing Chun from his Si-Fu Grant Master Yip Man). This education was hard work. He learned the Chinese way of thinking in order to practice Wing Chun with soul, heart and brain.

After the death of his Si-Fu Lok, Si-Fu Blech continues to travel to Hong Kong to his family in order to improve his Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen. He receives great support from his Si-Hings Kwong and Sang.

As a result of hard work, today Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen is present in 7 European countries and in the USA.

After the death of his Si-Fu Lok, Si-Fu Blech continued to travel to Hong Kong to his family in order to improve his Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen. He received great support from his Si-Hings Kwong and Sang. Much too early, a few weeks after his 60th birthday, he died after a long illness.

Thanks to Wilhelm Blech (or Wei Lam as Master Lok used to call him) there are representatives of Lok Yiu Wing Chun in five European countries and the USA. Si-Fu Blech passed the torch to the next generation; he leaves a group of well trained To Dai who form a strong community which is commited to continue his path.