elywcimaa paperIn 1992 Master Lok Yiu and his European Student Wilhelm Blech founded the 'European Lok Yiu Wing Chun International Martial Art Association'. It is the European part of the LYWCIMAA situated in Hong Kong. Si-Fu Wilhelm Blech was the representative of master Lok Yiu and the president of the association for 20 years.

After his death in summer 2012 his To-Dais continue his way and lead the ELYWCIMAA according to his and master Loks spirit.



elywcimaaelywcimaa paper englishThe purpose of the ELYWCIMAA is to support its members, to preserve and to cultivate the Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen in Europe. A very important aspect is the connection to Hong Kong and the opportunity to study Wing Chun according to the methods of Master Lok Yiu and his sons Lok Keng Kwong and Lok Keng Sang and his German To-Dai Si-Fu Wilhelm Blech.

In the past, many instructors and students had the opportunity to accompany Si-Fu Blech to Hong Kong and to train under the supervision of Master Lok Yiu and his sons. After the death of their Si-Fu Wilhelm Blech, the instructors of the ELYWCIMAA continued to travel to Hong Kong to learn Lok Yiu Wing Chun from their Si-Bas Lok Keng Kwong and Lok Keng Sang and to bring it to Europe.


Training and Graduation

manualIn several European countries we offer training to become a Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor. The LYWCIMAA continuously supervises our training programs.
The 56 pages instructor manual includes the teaching guidelines for all instructors in Europe. It provides a high standard and ensures that all over Europe the instruction is on the same level.

Siu-Lim-Tau: UI, UII, UIII
Biu-Tze: OI, OII, OIII

Assistent Instructor
Instructor I
Instructor II
Instructor III
Teacher I
Teacher II
Teacher III

The duration of the education varies according to your individual background and the time you can spent to train.
For  further information please arrange a personal meeting with the instructor next to you. A personal meeting is required; we will not make any proposals by phone or by email and we reserve the right to reject candidates if necessary.