teezeremonieIn Juni 2011 Si-Fu Wilhelm Blech celebrated his 59th birthday together with his family and friends and all his students. This birthday was special because Si-Fu Blech hold a Tea-Ceremony  with his students according to the Chinese tradition. It was the same ceremony that Master Lok Yiu hold almost 20 years ago with him.

Within the Tea-Ceremony, the To-Dai serves Tea to the Si-Fu and they exchange symbolic gifts of money.

The ceremony expresses a deep connection between the Si-Fu and the To-Dai. The To-Dai is accepted in the Kung-Fu family. Si-Fu and To-Dai are related like father and son and the To-Dai becomes a representative of the Kung-Fu style of the Si-Fu.
Years of instruction in Kung-Fu and building up confidence in each other precede this step. The Tea-Ceremony is a great honor for both, the Si-Fu and the To-Dai.
The celebration took place in St. Wendel in the Restaurant Shanghai and as always Si-Fu’s good friend Jimmy Hau served excellent food.

Si-Fu Blech as well as all his students enjoyed the celebration and are glad that the European Lok Yiu Wing Chun Family moved even more closely together.

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