LokKengKwong2I was born in April 1957, on the same day as my younger brother, we are twins. When I was a child I liked watching the training of my father’s To-Dais. I thought it was a game and like my brother I started at the age of 16 to learn the Wing Chun from my father.

After entering the world of Wing Chun I realized that it was not a game but hard work.
After work I assist my father with the training of his To-Dais in his school and in the Royal Hong Kong Police Wu Shu Club. I am still excited about Wing Chun and it became an important part of my life. Since Wilhelm Blech is a To-Dai of my father, many Europeans followed him to visit my father in Hong Kong. I am happy to see that all of them seriously work on their Wing Chun.
In 2007 and 2009 my Si-Dai Wei Lam (Wilhelm) invited me to visit Europe. Both journeys lasted 5 weeks and were full of new and exciting experiences, I enjoyed very much. I like the European food and I love the barbecues in the garden of my Si-Dai Wei-Lam.

During the seminars I met all Instructors of the ELYWCIMAA and many of their students from Europe. The Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen of the Instructors is exceptional and most of their students have reached a good level. I also noticed the friendship among the instructors and their students. All of them work hard to perfect thei Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen. I can proudly say: “Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen is taught according to the standards of my late father and my brother’s and my own. My father would have been very proud to see this.”
I would like to say thank you to all the members of the ELYWCIMAA for the work and the engagement for Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen. Thanks to the cooperation of all the members of the ELYWCIMAA, Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen can grow and live in Europe.

Master Lok Keng Kwong demonstrate longpool with steps

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