sang2 I was born in 1957 and like most children I had a quite normal childhood. I spent a lot of time in the school of my father and watched the training of my Si-Hings.

I knew, according to Chinese traditions, as a son of Lok Yiu, I had to learn my father’s Wing Chun as well.

When I started to learn Wing Chun at the age of 16, I had no deep insights into the art, I just followed the way my father led me: exercise, some more exercise and even harder exercise.Since my Si-Dai Wilhelm Blech became a member of our family, I have the opportunity to meet Europeans, which is a very interesting experience.

They all are very kind and friendly and they work hard on our Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen. Therefore, I am sure that Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen has a great future in Europe and USA. I am looking forward to visit Europe one day.

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