lokyiu2Master Lok Yiu was born in October 1922. In the Restaurant Workers Association in 1950 he met Grandmaster Yip Man. He and Leung Sheung became his first students. Yip Man’s first class consisted of 8 students.

After a few weeks only Lok Yiu and Leung Sheung remained, the others gave up. For 7 years Yip Man and his To-Dai Lok Yiu shared a flat. Day and night Yip Man instructed his To-Dai Lok Yiu.


A life for Fatshan Wing Chun Kuen

lokYiu 1Lok Yiu became the first assistant of Yip Man. Many of today’s masters were instructed by their Si-Hing Lok Yiu. After Lok Yiu completed his education Yip Man allowed him to found his own school and to teach independently. During his life Master Lok Yiu gained the experience of 50 years teaching Wing Chun.The late Master Lok Yiu was the undisputed head of the Wing Chun family, accepted as the highest authority by all teachers of Wing Chun. However, he had no attitudes to call himself “Grandmaster” and he opposed the self-appointed “Grandmasters”: “There is only one Grandmaster in Wing Chun: my Si-Fu Yip Man.” He loved Wing Chun and he dedicated his life to it but he did not care for all the bells and whistles.


lokYiu 2GU: In the first time of the learning, the understanding is very poor

LING: After a long period of learning (ca. 8 - 10 Years) there is some understanding After 20 years there is a good understanding.

JING: The understanding of the Si-Fu in theory and practice is 100%

GUAI: Easy, simple, and effective ( NO SHOW )


Ving Tsun begins 1949 in Hong Kong

lokYiu 3At that time, amongst the staff members of the Association of Restaurant Workers of Hong Kong were Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu and Lau Ming. They were all Chinese Martial Arts enthusiasts. The secretary, Tsui Fung, worked with Sing Pao Daily News, and did not have enough time to handle the business of the association. So Mr. Lee Man was employed as an extra helper in assisting with the Association's daily affairs. After work, Mr. Lee Man often did the Huen-Sau (circling hand) exercise. Leung Sheung recognized this as a basic movement of Wing Chun Kung Fu, because he had once learnt Martial Arts from Master Tang Suen of the Weng Chun Kung Fu System, and knew something about Wing Chun. He asked Mr. Lee if he too had learnt Wing Chun Martial Arts before. There and then Mr. Lee related stories of the deeds of Sifu Ip Man, and everyone present got interested. He then brought Sifu Ip Man to the Association of Restaurant Workers of Hong Kong, and introduced him to everyone. Ip explained the principles of Ving Tsun Martial Arts, and won the admiration of all. He was at once invited to teach Kung Fu at the Association, and he readily agreed.

Newspapper Hong Kong

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Meister LOK YIU the Präsident of VTAA.

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Download 'New Hero'

lokYiu 4Download 'New Hero' (pdf 800 kb)



Lok Yiu with longpool

Here you can see the young master Lok Yiu on longpool ( LUK DIM BUN GWAN ). It was an articel in a chinese newspaper.



Master Lok Yiu (at the age of 75) show us with his two sons Lok Keng Kwong and Lok Keng Sang some "LOK YIU WING CHUN KUEN" movements.

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Interview with master Lok Yiu

SI-FU Blech had an interview with his Si-FU LOK YIU about the history of Wing Chun in in Hong Kong.

Click to hear the interview