Ip Man 400 581Grand Master Yip Man dedicated his life to Wing Chun Kung Fu. He brought the art from Fatshan to Hong Kong from where it spread all over the world. All over the world the practitioners of Wing Chun refer to Yip Man and there are many publications on him and his accomplishments.


lokyiu2Master Lok Yiu was born in October 1922. In the Restaurant Workers Association in 1950 he met Grandmaster Yip Man. He and Leung Sheung became his first students. Yip Man’s first class consisted of 8 students.

sang2 I was born in 1957 and like most children I had a quite normal childhood. I spent a lot of time in the school of my father and watched the training of my Si-Hings.

LokKengKwong2I was born in April 1957, on the same day as my younger brother, we are twins. When I was a child I liked watching the training of my father’s To-Dais. I thought it was a game and like my brother I started at the age of 16 to learn the Wing Chun from my father.

Willhelm BlechAt the age of 26 I first heard of Wing Chun. In this time I never thought that this martial art would be the passion of my life. Nevertheless, Wing Chun ruled my life since then. A little later I read a book containing a photo of Master Lok Yiu and an article in a Karate magazine about a journey to Hong Kong and a visit to this Wing Chun master.

benny2Since 1972 Si-Hing Benny is a To-Dai of Master Lok Yiu and a very close friend of the Lok Family.