The management board in engaged in internal subjects like the quality management, seminars or the professional training in Hong Kong.

schuelerAuf dieser Seite stellen wir den Verein European Lok Yiu Wing Chun International Martial Art Association e.V.  vor.

elywcimaa paperIn 1992 Master Lok Yiu and his European Student Wilhelm Blech founded the 'European Lok Yiu Wing Chun International Martial Art Association'. It is the European part of the LYWCIMAA situated in Hong Kong. Si-Fu Wilhelm Blech was the representative of master Lok Yiu and the president of the association for 20 years.

teezeremonieIn Juni 2011 Si-Fu Wilhelm Blech celebrated his 59th birthday together with his family and friends and all his students. This birthday was special because Si-Fu Blech hold a Tea-Ceremony  with his students according to the Chinese tradition. It was the same ceremony that Master Lok Yiu hold almost 20 years ago with him.

schuelerHere we introduce the direct students (To-Dai) of Si-Fu Wilhelm Blech. Most of the students lead a school.

schuelerHere we introduce the instructors of the ELYWCIMAA who are To-Sün of Si-Fu Wilhelm Blech.

insiderHeadHere we provide all editions of the Insider, the magazine of the ELYWCIMAA.
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